Fall Soil Health Workshop for School and Community Gardens – October 15

Tualatin SWCD has been working hard to protect the health of our soils in Washington County. Every year, we teach local farmers how improving soil health can help protect natural resources and improve their operations.

We are excited to share that education with school gardens and community gardens this year, and hope you will join us for a special, free workshop October 15! Register now at www.swcd.net/soil-health-workshop/
Soil is more than sand, silt and clay – it is a living ecosystem! Proper soil health care is natural insurance for school gardens against drought, pests and weeds. Soil health plays a key role in protecting our environment. Teaching soil health helps meet NGSS standards, gets kids outside, and prepares future conservationists!

Join us for a free half day workshop on October 15 to learn the basics of soil health, how to protect it in the school garden, and how to teach it in the classroom! Get hands on with activity demonstrations. Gain access to our NGSS aligned curriculum resources. Take home a copy of Building Better Soils.

In this workshop, we will:

– Learn what soil health is and explore how it works as an ecosystem
– Learn specific things to do in the garden to protect soil and care for its health, like cover cropping and reducing impact
– Get hands-on with demonstrations of how healthy soil looks and feels, as well as some great classroom activities
– Share strategies for managing volunteers in the garden and get some tips from the experts.
We will offer continuing education credit for teachers through PSU too. Please inquire for details.
We welcome multiple people from your group. Please feel free to forward this email to them or post the attached flier.

You can register one or more people at:
Or you can register by responding to this email with:

– The names of the people in your group
– The name of your school garden/farm
– An email address and phone number to contact you about this registration
– Any dietary restrictions for lunch
Space is limited – if we have more than 20 community gardeners or 20 school gardeners (teachers or volunteers), we will start a wait list.

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