Is that seed packet harboring a GMO?

Probably not, ’cause most seeds marketed for the “home gardener” are just plain hybrids.  Do you want to give your hard earned dollars to companies that are infiltrating and controlling the seeds that you can grow in your garden? NO!  Here’s someone that has taken the time to compile a list of seed varieties held by the big Chemical companies.

Not only does the article explain things like:
☀ Most of the vegetable varieties that are owned by these companies (primarily Seminis) are not GMO’s.  A lot of them are normal vegetable garden seeds that people grow every year in their gardens.
☀  The difference between hybrid and GMO seeds.
☀ A bit about the definition of open-pollinated seeds and heirloom seeds, and how they differ from hybrid seed.
☀ Monsanto is known primarily for their work on GMO’s.  What’s less known is that they own the rights to a lot of seed varieties that are non-GMO.
☀ Why you may see some varieties listed in a catalogue that sells strictly open-pollinated seeds.

They’ve taken the time to post well researched lists of seed varieties so that we can weed out seeds from the big seed conglomerates.

For lists of seed varieties click HERE

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