Seed Sharing – Take Some, Leave Some or Both!

SeedStation-ForestGrove3Take some, Leave some or Both! –

Tomar algo, Dejar algo o Ambos!

Coming back Soon – Spring 2014

Look for it in conjunction with OSU gardening classes.

SeedStation-ForestGrove1A new Seed Sharing Station is now installed at the Forest Grove Library. Its a place to share the bounty of this green earth. If you are a seed saver, a beginning gardener, or someone that wants to give back to the community, please stop by to show your support. At present, the seed sharing station will be available through the end of May 2013 and in conjunction with the OSU extension service gardening classes held at the Library and with help from the F.G. Victory garden. It should reappear at the end of the 2013 season so that seed savers can help to replenish the station.

Plant a row of veggies for the hungry and save your seeds! Together we can help provide for the “food insecure” in Oregon and promote self-sufficiency.

TAKE = Act without Shame
LEAVE = Share without Condition
WHATEVAS = Trust without Apology

For more information about starting a seed sharing station, visit



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